Calendar Notepad Cover

Yesterday, I visited my ex-mother-in-law, whom I love dearly, to drop off a card and little gift. So Wednesday night I quickly put together her gift. She is one very busy and active lady! Especially for a woman at the age of 88! She is always making lists or taking notes, and possibly quickly writing down a quick recipe here and there. So when I came across these 2012 calendar note pads for a $1.00, I knew I had to get a few and convert one of them for Kay.

I took off the thin magnet that was on the back of the pad and trimmed the backing as much as I could. After measuring the pad, and taking into consideration the pencil, thickness of pad & pencil, and the folding allowance, I cut some thin chipboard accordingly - a total of 5 strips. ( I should have taken photos as I went along) Cut the patterned paper, one for the outside & one for the inside, as once piece for each, and scoring according to my calculated measurements where the folds would be. (It worked! So my calculations were right on! That's always a plus.)

Then after applying Scor tape to each side of the chipboard, began the careful assembly.

It would have been fun to decorate the holder more, but I had to be practical...after all, Kay does a lot of note taking like I mentioned earlier.

Here with the bow untied, you can see that I forgot to put the magnets under the paper! I did remember to do that when I made the tab on the front though ;). And the inside...

Too bad I didn't have a better match for the pencil! Kay won't mind. I kept it simple for her, and it was easier to put together that way too. I may make one in the future with more elaborate embellishment, just for the fun of it.

If you're wondering about the Christmas card I mentioned, it is one from a previous post, here. It doesn't match the gift, but I think she'll like it.

Have a great Christmas!! ;) ...and thank you for coming for a visit.


Nona said...

What a gorgeous altered calendar notepad, Sabrina! I love the soft colors and the careful thought you've put into it. A wonderful gift idea! Wishing you and your family a blessed Christmas :)

Mona Pendleton said...

WOW Sabrina! What a beautiful project! Love the pretty lavender bow and that bird image is stunning! Happy Holidays!