...A Merry Little Christmas for Owen

I ran out of cards! I guess I miscounted the names on my list. So I had to quickly put a card together for my youngest son. Last minute cards don't always turn out too great for me, and that remained true in this instance.  I think it does have a bit of a masuline feel to the Christmas card. So here it is.

 I used some dimensional embellishments purchased long ago from a $1 store in Calgary. I wish I had considered a better way off applying them and the finished result in the upper right corner. Plus the blue ornaments are a little off on this card, but I don't think that Owen will take note of any of these things. I'm thinking that it's a man thing. For most men, cards are not a thing of interest to them. But he will appreciate what I write inside.

No details will be included again, I'm much to busy for that. But, it's at least posted.

Thank you for stopping by blog friends! Are you beginning to feel the ticking of clock like I do?

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Tigriswillreign said...

I love it, Mom! The embellishment adds variety to the otherwise "old world" feel.