May Week 4 (Week 21) Bullet Journal Set Up

Time for another week in my Bujo! Yes, the same layout, but once again a different colour. I did not have a good purple marker to coordinate better with the washi tape, but used the best match I had. I am wondering if I can do a week layout in just black? I might have to try that some time.

I love the washi tape with the days of the week written out. I have this one in fine black with boxes drawn around them with a hatched shadow, and the one I used seen last week, in gold lettering.

One thing I am learning is that I can get away with just half a page of daily journaling. There are days when I wish I had more space to write more, but I think if I left the daily journaling area blank, I could have days with 1/2 page or less, and then have room for days where I would want to write more. For me, that is hard, because I like to plan ahead with space so that I can start the next month layout as soon as I can, as I work on it a little at a time as the month goes along. I will figure it out yet.

As I mentioned that I like to work a little each day on the next month's layout, I will tell you that I am trying a new weekly spread to see how it will work for me. Just wanting to share something different with you for June so that you do not get bored.

Thank you for stopping by today. Happy creating!

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