New Bullet Journal and June Set Up

May has flown by, and June is upon us. Time to show you my June bullet journal set up. I did not do any drawing this time, but ordered some beautiful watercolour stickers. I wanted to save time setting up my new month and getting the stickers did just that. I also punched out circles from a lovely sheet of 12 x 12 card stock with beautiful circles of watercolour painted birds and cherry blossoms. The interesting thing is that both of these came from Germany.

I made some changes in my layouts, and will explain them as we go through the photos.

To start out with, I completed my second bullet journal ending with May, so for June I had to set up a new journal. That is what I will begin with.

I decided to add a little something to the start of the journal with a circle punch watercolour painted bird. I used my gold metallic pen to trace around the circle which was a mistake because I had planned to use my newer silver metallic pen. I did remember to use the silver pen to write the index title with. It is a little hard to see in the photo, but looks real nice in real.

Next, I always need to have the year calendar in each journal as it is helpful with future planning. If you are wondering about the green washi tape, the page started to come out a little along the perforation and I had to tape a little part of it. But it did not look as good as taping the whole length of the page.

I like the silver metallic ink around the 2018.

The next spread is my four month future log. Each journal I have seems to hold three months, so four months is perfect.

Now comes my June set up, beginning with my 'Hello June' page. This is where I start to use the beautiful stickers that I ordered, and I added one of the bird circles that I punched out.

I love having my monthly calendar as my monthly over view. It has a little more detail than my four month future log, but not as much as my weekly spreads. Just enough info for planning. Don't the stickers look lovely? And so quick to add too. I also added some real narrow washi tape along the right side and bottom. I love the little date stickers that match the watercolour stickers.

I love using my 'Brain Dump' page. I use a good portion of it, and refer to it when I set up the following month, because sometimes there are things in the dump that I can implement. I decided to add this quote in that space, as I usually have a little left over space. (I messed up here and used my gold metallic pen. Might change it to silver still.)

The next thing in my June set up is my financial spread.

Now comes the Habit tracker spread. This is where I made a big change. It was a lot of work to set up compared to my usual set up, but I think it will be helpful visually. I will see how it works out this month and decided if it is better and worth the extra work, or not.

The next spread is one that had wanted to put before my financial pages, but forgot. It is for my future card classes and any kits I might make. I always need to make samples for and prepare for classes a month or two in advance, so this is helpful in keeping things straight with a quick view. The larger space is for the photo of the projects and the right side is a check list to get it off and going.

My weekly spread is next. I kind of messed up the layout. I meant to have Sunday on the left side. That was one reason I decided to make the dates in large numbers, but light in colour, so that I could write over them. As you see the weekly layout is a different set up than the one I used last month or the previous months.

I added a quote sticker I had made, along with some of those circles I mentioned punching earlier.

I added my food tracker at the bottom of each day and drew a line through the six days to divide up into personal, work and church space. I used the silver metallic pen for those. It is visible enough to see the lines, but light enough to go over the line if I need more space.

The next spread I created my 'Gratitude Log' like I usually do, but realized it was the wrong thing to do since I did not have the food tracker to put next to it. I now had an empty space on the page. I am thinking that I might find something to fill in the space as I go through the week.

Do you like the pens and pencils washi tape, and the house sketches washi tape? Next time I use them, I might colour them in.

The last part of this weekly spread is my weekly journaling section. Because we are having a family reunion in July, I wanted to save space just in case I need more space for that, so I decided to continue with a 1/2 page per day for my daily journaling for June. It doesn't allow much space to include a photo is I would like to do on occasion, but I can go back to that in another month.

Well, that is it for my new journal, June, and first week set up. I did make some very minor changes in the next week's set up, but you can see that in the next bullet journal post.

Happy journaling, and creating!

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