Bullet Journal - Week 26 - June 24th to 30th

OK. This is definitely the half way point of the year. Week 26. Everything is basically the same with the exception of switching the colour to a light pink. For this week, I do not have any classes and decided that I will be very busy with the last minute details of the run-on, so I did not divide my days into the three usual categories and using the space to help prepare to leave on the 29th. Those are the only 2 differences from the previous weeks.

This spread remains the same...just switched to light pink.

I only kept the reunion note pages to two this time, but added a packing page. When I had taken the photos, I had not yet decided how to break it down, so it is just two silver metallic columns here.

I do have a blank page that I left, just incase I needed it. And, the weekly journaling section is still the same.

Hope you have enjoyed my June Bullet Journal layouts. For July, I have a Canada Day Theme going, so be sure to check that out when it get's posted next week. I will be away, but will have it scheduled for you.

Happy creating! And happy journaling!

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