Bullet Journal - Week 24 - June 10th to 16th

Hello Bullet Journalers! Ready for the next week's layout?

You will remember in my last Bullet Journal post that I mentioned I had made a mistake in my weekly set up. Well, for this week I corrected it by positioning my Sunday on the left this time. It does not leave a whole lot of space for that day, but I believe it is all that I will need. Rather than making those large numbers a beautiful bold lettering style, I just wrote them with a single stroke but still keeping them large and light enough to write over them.

I also change the Gratitude section to a horizontal, rather than vertical, layout. I made sure to leave one line for each day. (I hope that will be enough). I had to keep it to one line a day so that I could fit my Weekly Expenses under it. That makes one page rather than the two pages I used last week.

You will notice that on the page next to the Gratitude and Expenses that I have created two pages titled "Reunion". These are to make notes and lists for the up coming family run-on the first week of July. Then I go into my daily journaling section.

You will have noticed that I continued with the punched out circles I am using for the month of June, along with my silver metallic pen. I really like my two metallic Uniball Gel pens! I should check to see if I can get one in Copper. That would be nice too, don't you think?

Thank you for stopping by to check out my next weeks bullet journal layout.

Happy creating! And, happy planning!

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