Bullet Journal - Week 25 - June 17th to 23rd

Wow! Just about 1/2 way through the year! Where did all the time go?

The first week of June I used a light gray marker, a silver metallic gel pen, and circle punched pink images of flowers & birds. Last week I used a light blue marker with silver metallic gel pen and the same circle punched images. This week I am switching to a light green marker, with the same silver pen and circle punched images.

Still trying to figure out if I like this new set up or not. Especially the one line for my Gratitude section. For July I may consider another way to do this, or just make it 2 lines for each day.

I am still including pages to write notes for the up coming reunion. Do you like the silver metalling pen outline around the green lettering? I do.

With the reunion getting closer I decided to make three pages for notes this time.

I still have my weekly journaling section, but since the layout for that has not changed and is very simple, I did not include it in my photos for you this week.

Happy creating! And, happy journaling!

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