Having Fun With Spellbinders Charming Cottage Die Set

Hello everyone!

I am going to share with you some projects I have been having fun with. I am experimenting with different ideas. I have more ideas that I want to work on, but have to get back to working on class samples, so it may be a while before I can implement my further ideas. I had so much fun making these little boxes/cottages, and I think you would too, so lets have a look at the cottage boxes and the die set.

You can create with this die set for birthdays, weddings, Christmas, Easter, and more. This next photo is  of the Spellbinders Charming Cottage.

Let's begin with a simple use of this die in which I create a luminary. This one also uses the Spellbinders Gilded Ornaments die set. This luminary would work for Christmas as well as for weddings. You could have a number of these scattered all over the dining table as centerpieces, or one for each guest with their name on it as a named place setting. They could decorate the fireplace mantle, or be spre
ad throughout the home on all the tables.

I turned the lights out for this photo.

Next, is another version for Christmas using more of the dies included in the set. A gingerbread cottage!

I apologize for the darkness of the photo, but if I brighten it the roof is much too bright to see any details. So I left it as is. I have photos of many views going around the gingerbread cottage, so I will not be commenting on them.

The third cottage, or box, I made is one that could be used for Spring, Easter, or a birthday. Light pastel colours.

For this cottage I also used Spellbinders Botanical Bliss Beautiful Banner Basket, and Floral Oval for flowers & leaves.

I hope I have your creative mojo spinning ideas for you, and that you enjoyed my first three experiments. What ideas do you have for this Charming Cottage box?

Happy creating!

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