Technical Difficulties & Soaked Boxes

Hi everyone! You might be wondering why there haven't been  the usual number of postings on our blog lately. Dana has been very busy for a while, and so have I. However, I do have more time than Dana does as all my children are grown up and living their own lives now, and Dana still has her young family keeping her very busy.
My recent concern is that suddenly my computer will no longer read my camera so that I can get the pics into the computer and posted. It did just fine until Friday when I wanted to post some new cards. It's a good thing it didn't happen for the Colour Create Challenge entry the day before. I've made abolut 20 cards, and can't post them! Not that I want to post them all, just the ones I like best. So if you'll be paitent and hang in there, I  hope to have that problem resolved soon as I do have another challenge to design for and will need to be posted on the 17th!
Do  you want to hear something funny? Well I had to go out to my storage shed the other day and as I pulled and dragged the doors open (slightly rusted door groove) i saw that almost everything in there was soaking wet! The shed is leaking! I should have thought about that when my landlord repaired the rotted wood floor. It rotted for a reason, right?
I had to pull everthing out with some of the boxes falling appart they were so soaked. One of those boxes was my beautiful one year old white Christmas tree box. So now I have stuff everywhere in my 550 square foot suite and a white tree that I had to put up so tht it could dry out. lol Though I didn't feel like laughing at then time. The tree had actually begun to rust a little. Can't see it though when the tree is put together. A little early to have the tree up, wouldn't you say. I'll have to leave it up until I can find a way to store it again after Christmas.
Hope you are all having a great time crafting since Christmas isn't far off! Thanks for stopping by. May your design mojo be overflowing for the next couple of months and may you have the strength to accomplish all your Christmas plans.

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Shirley said...

Sabrina, I am so sorry about the soaked stored things. That is heartbreaking. I do know a little about computers and cameras, so if you ever want me to call and see if we can solve the problem, let me know. :-D