A Double Whoopee!

I'm so excited! I received word today from two different challlenges that I entered the last few days that I was awarded some recognition!

I entered Colour Throwdown Challenge #169 with these colors  and was one of four chosen that were selected for "Honorable Mention" for this card (previously posted). Original posting here.

And for my second good news of the day, it came from Papercraft Star's Anything Goes  Cahllenge, I received this award along with - Our Runner-up, Sabrina receives 1 download page from THATB (the House Across the Bay). You have to check it out, there's some great stuff there!

If you're wondering what earned me this prize, it's my Christmas Explosion Box! Original posting here.

I hope you don't think me being silly, but hearing about two wins in one day not ony was unusal and exciting, but fullfilling and made my day. I just had to share it.

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Tigriswillreign said...

lol! You sound so giddy; it's cute! Congrats, Mom!