2018 Favourites - Second Category - Shabby Chic


Continuing on today with sharing my favourites of 2018. Today's category is Shabby Chic cards. In today's share, I am not including the Shabby Chic Christmas cards we made throughout the year. Here, everyone like to start making their Christmas cards in July. We try to hold 1 or 2 Christmas classes a month starting in July, and then they get more frequent as we hit the Fall months.

I think we made more Shabby Chic Christmas cards this year than we did other Shabby Chic cards. One of my favourite papers to use for Shabby chic is from 49th and Market. They have gorgeous papers! I have been coming across a few more papers that often work well for Shabby Chic creations; like Authentique, Stamperia, Maja Design, Ciao Bella, Kaisercraft, & some of the BoBunny papers to mention a few.

We had three Shabby Chic classes this year that were not Christmas related, and of those three my favourites came from two different classes.

49th & MARKET - Tattered Garden had one card that I really liked. Of course it was one of the thickest cards we made. But don't you like how the layers of paper are rolled back to expose the floral paper beneath? And those paper tubes? They really add something unique and visually intriguing.

The next Shabby Chic (non-Christmas) card favourite is from the 49th & Market 'Rusty Autumn' class.

I love how you can use just a hint of Autumn colours and make something really look like a Fall card. I am partial to this type of green, which really is not a Fall colour. By adding the straw-like bleached coconut fibres, which make you think of straw, helps you to think Autumn.

So these are my two favourite, non-Christmas, Shabby Chic cards for 2018. If you have never tried making a Shabby Chic card, and have had a desire to do so, I encourage you to give it a try. They are a lot of fun to create, and if there are no Shabby Chic classes where you live, there is a lot of help on Pinterest, blogs and You Tube.

Happy creating!

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