2018 Favorites Introduction & First Category - Graphic 45

Welcome everyone!

Going through the creations of the year and picking out the favourites to review at the end of each year is one of the hardest things to do. It is probably because there are so many to look over, and then to pick just a few from them is much more of a challenge than expected. Every year it is the same.

As a papercrafting instructor, I make more cards than I would if I wasn't teaching. This year I kept track of the number of creations, just out of curiosity. For 2018 I created 297 cards, 4 mixed media projects, 1 mini album (wish I could have made more because I love creating albums), and 1 other project. I did not even count my many pages in the 4 bullet journal books I created this year! Now these 297 cards are for both the classes I taught, and the cards that I made that were not for classes. Very few of the cards made for myself were massed produced, so that says a lot about the number of cards created this year.

I made the decision to post my favourites in different categories; Graphic 45, Shabby Chic, Spellbinders, Stamping, Watercolouring, Christmas, Card Kits, and Personal. Now some of these, of course, overlap but I chose to keep them in one certain category.

GRAPHIC 45 is one of my favourite paper companies and I always love creating with their paper. There are always discoveries of newer companies that also have gorgeous papers and I love coming across them and adding them onto my favourites list, but Graphic 45 still remains there.

I would have to say that for 2018 my favourite paper collection from G45 was 'Floral Shoppe'. It was absolutely gorgeous! We at Scrapbooking Essentials BC only had one class using the beautiful floral paper, but I did make some more at home for needed cards that I wanted to use that paper with.

Some may say it was too challenging to fussy cut this paper, but to me it was so worth it because of how you can make the layered flowers look on a card. As you well know I love layers and dimension and that is what can really take paper to another world of creativity.

Because this is my favourite of all the Graphic 45 papers this year and there were only four cards for the class, I am sharing all of my 'Floral Shoppe' cards with you today.

First, the class cards.

Because you can hardly see them, here are the cards individually.

Just love this gorgeous paper!

OK, here are cards I made for my personal use, using this same paper collection.

These two cards I made for my twin sisters birthday in June. I had to make these mailable, so I could not get too carried away with my dimensional preferences.

Here is a closer look at them.

Sometimes  when I look at the photos of the Floral Shoppe cards I wish I still had them all because they are so beautiful.

I also decided to use this gorgeous paper for a wedding card. This one I was able to get a little more dimensional with. However, I need to apologize for the brightness of the photos. It kind of threw off the colours a bit.

You can see that this card is a little thicker than the others. I love to layer and bunch up floral cars to give dimension to cards.

Thank you for stopping by today to have a look at my favourite Graphic 45 cards for 2018. Be sure to check in again to view my favourites of the next category - Shabby Chic cards.

Happy Creating!

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