Cardstock Standing Frame - For Young Women Class

Nice of you to take time from your busy Christmas schedule to drop in.

I am not sharing a class with you, as those on hold for now, but instead sharing something that I made for a class, tomorrow I am teaching for the Young Women (12 - 18). There were so many quotes that I could use and it was hard to decide on which one to work with. Once I decided, I found a nice backdrop photo and entered text on it to showcase the quote. Next I printed them out on photo paper and cut them out.

The next thing was to make the calculations to create a frame that would fit the printed quote perfectly. Because I used heavy cardstock, (Bazzill Card Shoppe Heavyweight - Marshmallow) by the time I scored the 10 frame pieces, my hand was sore from needing to press nice and firmly. Then I cut to shape, and before folding it all, I attached the photos in the center of the frame. Then came the folding with the bone folder and using liquid glue to assemble the frame.

The last thing I did was create a stand for the frame. I have made something like this almost 2 years ago as a birthday gift for a friend that I met as a Stampin' Up Demonstrator. You can check it out here. The measurements are different, but once you know how to make one, you can make them to fit any shape or size (as long as you can get it out of the maximum 12 x 12 cardstock sheet size)

So here are the photos.

It wasn't until I was taking photos of these that I realized I had typed the incorrect date! It should have read October 2017, not 2018. Don't you just hate it when you see your mistake after all is done and completed? I decided to just mention it to the girls, and they could use a pen to change the date or just leave it.

Well, that is it for this project. I had a lot of fun making something like this again. Hope you enjoyed this share and are inspired to create cardstock frames of your own. Remember to check out the link above, because it has a tutorial posted there if you wish to try that size used there.

Happy creating!

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