2018 Favourites - Third Category - Spellbinders

Welcome back for another 2018 Favourites Category!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends. Today I am sharing my favourite Spellbinders cards made in 2018.

For this first card, layering a die cut can make it pop off the card with the dimension created with that technique. Using a heavier weight cardstock makes it even thicker when layered.

This next card I have always wanted to repeat with other creative ideas, but when teaching classes there seldom is time do do things like that. I hope one day to have the time and create more cards with this dome die. 

The next two cards are created with the same die. Though a small die set, there are so many options in creating with it.

The following three cards are made with a leaf layering die, and is one of my favourites from Spellbinders. Using different colours, you can create flowers that remind on of the Bird of Paradise flower.

This little die set was mainly designed to make a gingerbread house box, but can be used to create many other projects as seen in the next three favourites. And, it is so much fun to create with!

The Geranium and leaf die set, was also fun to create with.

Well, that's it for my favourite die cards. Hope you enjoyed the review of some of these cards.

Happy creating!

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