Card Frenzy V

And my card frenzy continues.(see here for details). Just adding to my stockpile and sharing the results with you all. I completed 9 more cards today with some card kits I had made a while ago out of scraps. They included thumbnail sketches of the layout I had cut them to, for later assembly. All I had to do today was cut the card base, put it all together, and figure out what stamps, inks, and embellishments to use. Wow! was I ever glad I had made all these kits. These kits are very simple card designs.However, I will make some more cards that are a little more intricate in design. I have several more kits, and it sure makes things go a lot faster. When I've completed creating my stockpile for the sale, I'm going to go back to my collecting pile of scraps and make some card kits for emergencies and bulk card making.

Well, here are the cards -

Well these are it for today. I'd love to hear your comments. Have fun designing your creations!

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