Stamping Vacation and My 1st Design Team

You may or may not have noticed the following picture show up on the sidebar of this blog:

Denise, of the Stamping Vacation blog, sent out a design team call and, despite my lack of crafting time, I sent my name in for consideration. I, along with 9 other papercrafters, make up her new team of challenge inspiration designers.

Here's how the blog works:
  • Every day there is a new challenge! They rotate somewhat on a monthly basis, so if you have, or develop, a favorite, you can bet it'll come out about the same time each month. Sometimes, Denise retires some challenges and puts forth new ones. It really looks like a lot of work and I'm happy to be helping out!
  • Once a month there is a drawing for a $25 gift certificate. The blog specifies where it is for each month. Every card you submit for every challenge you submit for gives you a chance to win! So the more cards you submit, the more chances! Denise is very flexible and doesn't mind if the card you enter was made prior to the challenge as long as it truly fits the challenge.
Here are the current challenges numbered by the monthly day they are due by. They can be found on the left sidebar of the Stamping Vacation blog. The challenges in bold are the ones that I (and perhaps others) am/are designing for. I'm totally psyched!
  1. Pick 3 Challenge - Choose 3 items from a list of supplies to make your creation.
  2. Sketch Therapy Challenge - Use the original sketch provided for your card.
  3. When I Grow Up Challenge - All about using careers for inspiration!
  4. Build-a-Sketch Challenge - Each month you add a new "piece" to the collection and then make a card based on the "pieces" Denise specifies! Like a puzzle!
  5. Inspiration Station Challenge - Use the photo to inspire you!
  6. Color Combo Challenge - Use the color combo to create your entry.
  7. Very Vintage Challenge - Make a vintage card using the specified embellishment or whatnot.
  8. Clear as Mud Challenge - Use the word to inspire your card but you cannot use an image that is the word... Aptly named!
  9. Special Month Challenge - The challenge will list things that that particular month is noted for. Let them inspire you!
  10. Embellish It Challenge - Use the listed embellishment on your entry.
  11. Technique Techies Challenge - Use the listed technique on your creation.
  12. No! No! Challenge - Make your card NOT using the listed element.
  13. Home Sweet Home Challenge - Create a card using the specified home decorating style.
  14. Extra! Extra! Challenge - Use the book listed as the inspiration for your creation.
  15. Animal Applause Challenge - Decorate your card inspired by the animal listed.
  16. To Who? Challenge - Make a card for the specified person/occasion.
  17. Start Here Card Maze Challenge - A list of steps will be provided to walk you through your card creation!
  18. For Your Amusement Challenge - Fun with words and cards... like puns.
  19. What a Guy Challenge - Create a masculine card with the specified element!
  20. Fountain of Youth Challenge - Create a card based on the childhood memory listed!
  21. Daring Duos Challenge - Use 2 of the stamps listed on the same card.
  22. Watch This Challenge - Use the name of the movie or TV program listed to inspire your card.
  23. Occasion Oasis Challenge - Make a card for the occasion listed.
  24. Have You Tried Challenge - Try using the technique listed on a card.
  25. Just Picture This Challenge - Use the original photo in any way for your creation.
  26. Time Machine Challenge - Create a card with the specified year in mind. Additional info will be provided.
  27. Name that Card Challenge - Choose between 2 sentiments to base your card on.
  28. State Your State Challenge - Let your creation be inspired by the state and accompanying info listed!
  29. Get the Music in You Challenge - Use the named song as your inspiration!
  30. Lots of Paper Challenge - A specific type of patterned paper will be mentioned that you will need to use in your creation.
Wow! Listing that helped me figure things out, too!

Be sure to come play along!

Request: If you decide to follow the blog (not just receive the emails), be sure to mention my name as your referral in a comment!


Anonymous said...

congrats, Can't wait to see what you do :)

Cor* said...

Hey Dana. Thanks for stopping by, guess I too better get busy visiting my teammates!

As for a sticky post, well, now that you have this posted onto your blog, go back in like you are going to "edit it" and somewhere near the bottom of the post it says "post options" on that & a drop down menu will appear. To the right side of the drop down menu is says "automatic" or "scheduled"......choose scheduled and put in the date that you want the post to come down on.

You can also pre-schedule posts this way by creating the post, but BEFORE you "publish it" you do the 'post options' thing, & select "schedule post" then again, put in the date and time you want the post to Pop up on your blog.

Hope this helps. !